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The Bondi Walkers

Bondi Walkers - coffee at Speedos

The Bondi Walkers are a group of guys who started walking from Bondi to Bronte and back about 20 years ago. I joined about 12 years ago. Starting at 6am sharp, we return about 7am then have coffee, gone by 7.30am. Each day someone else pays. It's an honour to pay, you have to get your money in early to get the honour ! If there's celebration (engagement, wedding, grandchild etc) we'll have a cake and whiskey. Twice a year we have lunch, and once a year collect money for a charity.

We have a great time, cameraderie, laughter, a great way to start the day. I usually take my camera on the walk, some of the walkers photos are in the walkers album where I've try to show the feeling in the group, the walking, friendship, coffee and other things i see on the walk.

Bondi Walkers towards Bronte
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